Leaving the train, to a new city.

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Leaving the train, to a new city. Empty Leaving the train, to a new city.

Post by 'Red' on Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:11 pm

Prologue - The train was heading for a stop soon, I knew it. All my memories of my past living city, gone. Dead. Burnt in the pits, where the ashes are never to be found. I am not very happy of this relocation. It means a new life and all that. I enjoy the train ride though. Peaceful place, somewhat a beautiful place outside.. yet I am just looking at the trees that remain, and the post sunset. The glowing orange/yellow flaming ball placed in the sky at this setting was a marvelous watch, if I do say so myself. Back to my earlier topic, I am not very whipee-hippe as the others are.. I loved it back in City-- agh now I forget the name. That's great, huh? I wonder what this 'industry' looks like. Are we workers for the Civil Protection now? Where's help when you need it.. But, besides that.. my name is Jake 'Red' Griffin. I go by Jake. Not much about me. When I was young, both my parents died. I was probably about seven when I found an adoption center, and was adopted. By the time I was a teenager, I moved out to be on my own. I found out on my twenty-third birthday, my step mom and dad were killed in a car accident. I didn't really care, as I despised their souls, inside and out. I made a few friends since I moved out, and they helped me through my birthday. For the next two months, life was normal. That's when, though, the combine started taking over. They killed children, and people under twenty-three. I'd consider myself lucky, I guess. It still shocks me, to this day, how they took over earth in only seven hours. It amazes me, honestly. I remember, back in 2005, during the war, I saw many people die, and be relocated. It scared me, so I flee'd from the area as fast as I could, and found a Refuge Center. I took shelter there over the war, until all T.V. broadcasts showed that Dr. Breen-- hm. The train is coming to a halt. Is this really the place I am going to live for the next couple of years, or atleast till I am relocated? Doesn't seem that nice of a place. Well, i'll have to deal with it.. sadly. The train has come to a complete stop. The door is sliding open. I guess this is my time to get off.. and stop this 'diary session' of mine..


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