Journal Entry 2: Near Death Experience!

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Journal Entry 2: Near Death Experience! Empty Journal Entry 2: Near Death Experience!

Post by Gamepro on Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:18 pm

Day 9: It's been about a day since I last wrote in my journal...Jesus Christ...I had a 'near death experience' a day ago. I was found grappling a headcrab from latching onto me, and the fact I was getting man-hunted in the Slums...I thought I'd never win, but then I saw the strangest of shadows, and a gunshot. The headcrab soon just died in my tired arms, and I threw him off to the side, and started to run. It was a close one...I will write more when I regain my strength...

Day 10: That's it...I'll need to make a decision...Too stay in the Slums....or to be in the City....I may not know what to do...But I heard of a new club down in the city...Suppose to be High Class, and everything. I only heard one name though...'The Guild.' Sounds like a great place...and I may get a job there...To cover my trails that is. Haha. I will write some more when I get out of these Unfinished Buildings...

Day 11: I am nearly out of paper for my journal, from all the journal entries, and past things from City 19 and 23...This may be my last entry, and I may get a new journal...I will write off when when I ca----/---///-------\--|. *It ends there....*


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