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Post by ||Revan|| on Sat Dec 28, 2013 3:51 pm

Although I do not care to state the date, I will say my name; I am Revan Delevictus, also known as Blade. I have planned carefully throughout this last week, and pulled off my..scheme without a flaw. I am now known as JURY I4. I will not explain the exact details of what exactly I did to reserve such a title, and indeed get away with it. However, despite my refusal of such a thing, I will explain in detail, what exactly happens in the days that follow. I am man with no morals, and may be described to have an undying lust for power, an unquenchable thirst for blood, (No, not to drink it.) And a particular hunger for the screams of agony, watching my subjects writhe in pain.
    My third day as a 'unit'. Castrated two men for UPA. I then tortured one of said subjects with a unique way of..'interrogation' that I have developed. He was batonned unconscious, then brought to the interrogation room; I shut out the lights, and set my vocoder pitch extremely deep. I said through the two-way wiretap in the room, "Sir, look, he's awake!" I then stated, "Sir, do you know where you are?" He looked around confused, saying a simple, "No, I do not." I grinned devilishly beneath my mask, "You're in a downtown New York hospital." I paused for a moment then continued, "Do you know the date, sir?" I turned off the speaker button, and listened intently for his reply.

(Was gonna continue writing, but that char was charbanned just as I was writing this; Gonna post it anyways. I might finish it later.)


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