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Zach Entelva's Application Empty Zach Entelva's Application

Post by MoonMoon on Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:54 pm

Steam Name:Moon Moon Master of Alucard

Have you been banned from other servers/VAC'd? Not HL2rp servers/Never been VAC'ed.

Have you owned any servers? A small private minecraft server set up with duct tape and glue.(Which means It was my first time coding)

Why do you wish to become a Civil Protection unit?: Because the resistance rob their own kind living like rats and trying to fight a force of infinite Power!

Give a detailed roleplaying example with how you would type it out in the chat with /mes etc:
A citizen is in the lobby of the apartment building during a judgement waiver.
/me attempts to tie man. (resist?)
Citizen does not resist.
/me searches man checking every pocket.
I say:"Cleaned."
/me Unties man as the waiver ends and says "Return to your apartment."

Explain why it is important that you behave correctly in this role: It is important to behave correctly for the reputation of the combine and the server itself.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants? Because I will follow all of the rules of my combine superiors and destroy the resistance with extreme prejudice!

Will you stay active and try to fill the server and invite your friends anytime you can and have time?:Yes,I will.  I do have school so on school weeks I will resort to playing on the weekends.  I will invite as many friends as possible!!!

What experience do you have with roleplay since earlier? Please give a detailed summary: I used to dabble on DarkRP, but it did not feel serious enough so I began my reign in HL2rp.  I have been searching for a server worth investing time (Maybe even money) into.  I found this server and saw the admins were very active, and the server's RP was good.  Ive invested at least 6 hours per each of my character on this server.  I feel this would be a good start for a Metro Police job.

What are your past experiences with Civil Protection characters, give a detailed summary: I've had mostly pleasant rides with the CPS, I have tried to get cleanup jobs and reported any resistance activities I had seen around Town.

Are you able to preform exenterous training activities, ones that reach up to 3 days long? Yes,I can.

Can I expect you to fulfill an order automatically and think logical in situations where your training is lacking?:Yes,you can

IC Section: Will be used in RP to become an MPF.

Name: Zach Entelva
Date of Birth:01/24/1986
Previous location, before war:United States
Languages spoken:English
Speicies: Human
Physical Description:Stubble,Scar running down face,Gray Eyes,Tattered Clothes,28
Traits:Basic Medical knowledge,Basic Hand to Hand Experience
Relocated from:City 17
Loyalty Points:One

Your letter to the recruitment center: To whom it may concern,
I am Zach Entelva and would like to join the ranks of the Universal Union to keep the streets safe, and crush the resistance under my boot!!!

Your background story(1 paragraph at least!): City 17 had a hard life awaiting me with constant banter from the resistance flashing their damn lies...I tried to be loyal but the resistance framed me and got my loyalist points taken away...The Combine finally found out I was framed but it was too late...I had to redeem myself to the combine...Now ever since the resistance Framed me I anxiously awaited the day I would get relocated and get the chance to Crush the resistance!!!!!  

Why have you chosen to look for a position within the Civil Protection?:Because the resistance ruined my life and I want to crush them under my boots!!!

Did you have a previous job pre-war? Yes, as a Military instructor at a Middle School.

Have you been in the Civil Workers Union? No

Do you have previous military experience? Yes I was in the Army as a Helicopter Pilot and later Honorably Discharged after taking a bullet for the men I was picking up.  

Do you have any amputations or limbs/organs missing?No

Have you had children before the war?No

Do you require medication?No

Have you been detained? Have any criminal violations? Once,The resistance framed me and called me an ex-resistance

Have you been in relations with the criminally insane?No

Are you subjugated in rebellious activities?No

Have you broke laws before the War?No

What talents do you posess?Knowledge of vehicles,Basic Hand to Hand,and Basic First Aid

How could you provide services with the Union?I could keep the streets safe and crush the Resistance

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?Because the Resistance Deserve justice for their sins...I know their workings because I was Framed by them!!!!

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Zach Entelva's Application Empty Re: Zach Entelva's Application

Post by Dolan on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:33 am

Sorry to say, this gets -support

For me, only due to the lack of back-story and the lack of detail in each question.

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