MPF In Shellnut, a Combine-ation of 5 threads from an older(dead) community I owned.

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MPF In Shellnut, a Combine-ation of 5 threads from an older(dead) community I owned. Empty MPF In Shellnut, a Combine-ation of 5 threads from an older(dead) community I owned.

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Codes n Stuff



10-1 - Maybe/I don’t know.
10-2 - Negative/No.
10-3 - Silence/Shut up.
10-4 - Affirmative/Yes.
10-9 - Repeat Last Message
10-22 - Disregard.
10-98 - Assignment Complete.
10-7 - Going off duty.
10-8 - Going on duty.
10-10 - Going on Temporary Off Duty.
10-11 - Going on Temporary On Duty.


10-31 - Violation in Progress.
10-34 - Riot.
10-57 - Hit & Run.
10-96 - Mental Patient.
10-102 - Dead On Arrival.
10-104 - Suicide.
10-107 - Suspicious Person
10-108 - Dead Unit Found

Location Related

10-19 - Ripcord/Return to _____.
10-23 - Arrived at Location/On Scene.
10-50 - Patrolling/Beginning patrol at
10-51 - Clamping/Beginning clamp at
10-85 - Arrival Delay Due To...


10-60 - Unit in Vicinity.
10-76 - En Route.
10-92 - Subject in Custody.
10-97 - Arrived At Scene.
10-99 - Wounded
11-99 - Officer needs help.


10-20 - Location/What’s your location?
10-27 - Requesting Data of ______
10-33 - Emergency, All Units Hold.
10-52 - Medical Assistance Needed.
10-65 - Requesting Orders
10-78 - Need Assistance.
10-0 - Use Caution
10-91 - Pickup Subject/Suspect.
10-84 - Advise ETA.
10-59 - Escort or Convoy.
11-103 - Possible Need Assistance.

ADW: Assault with a deadly weapon.
BOLO: Be on the lookout.
DB: Dead body.
UTL: Unable to locate.
C&C: Command and Control
Deserviced: Unit down.
In position: Ready to perform orders.
Outbreak: Last remaining unit in a group.
Holding: Maintaining and guarding position.
Bouncer: Grenade.
Restrictor: Thumper.
Viscerator: Manhack.
Roller: Rollermine
MDB: Mobile Deployable Barrier

Location Codes:

CCH(A-C): Combine Civil Housing
C.01 = Nexus
C.01A = Nexus Armory
C.01M = Nexus Medbay
C.01D = Nexus Detainment
C.01E = Nexus Entrance
RDT = Ration Distribution Terminal
CHQ = Civil Worker’s Union Headquarters.
TunCEP = Slums Hard point
NexHAP = Nexus Hard point
DB = Detainment Block

Code 3: Emergency Dash
Code 20: Nexus Breach
Code 21: Complaint.
Code 22: Catastrophic Failure
Code 23: Command Unit In Danger.
Code 24: Large Firefight
Code 27: Attempted Crime.
Code 28: Inciting a felony.
Code 29: Death.
Code 30: Homicide.
Code 30S: Homicide by shooting.
Code 34S: Shooting.
Code 51B: Bomb Threat.
Code 52E: Explosives.
Code 94: Illegal use of a weapon.
Code 95: Illegal carrying of a weapon.
Code 187: Homicide.
Code 603: Unlawful entry.
Code 647A: Vagrant loitering in a public place.
Code 647E: Anti-Citizen.
Code C# ESD: Emergency Shut Down (Kill all civilians, Ripcord to Nexus for further orders and Exfil)

Inject (To formally deploy) - Move into a establishment or block.
Contain - To clamp off entrances of a area and confine the situation to a certain area.
Unrest - Rebellion or Riot.
Anti-Citizen - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations; MALIGNANT.
Malignant - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations. Subject is contagious and contains devised behavioral pattern.
Administer - To issue a verdict to a resident. (E.g. Administering a beating)
Pacify - To detain a individual non-lethally.
Clamp - Restrict residential access to a certain are ; Deploy standard
Clamps - To restrict activity/provide protection.
Unlawful Procreative Activity (UPA) - Attempting to perform intercourse.
Expose Flush - Suspects or expose them from cover.
Stand By - Await orders.
Intercede - Take immediate control of the situation; Ambush/surprise hostiles.
Extract - Withdraw subject out of Location 1 to Location 2.
Clear Often - Used as a breach term to inform the team that the area is clear of contraband and anti-civil activity.
Breach - To force entry to a designated area, often used in sweeps when breaches are placed or the door is kicked in.
Stabilize - To restore order to a situation by any means necessary, this is determined lethal/non-lethal by your commanding Authority.
Deploy - Often used in reference to the deployment of equipment or a squad. (I.E Deploying sterilizers at block; A )
Prosecute - To administer verdict to a resident through means of prosecution.
Isolate - To disband a large group of Citizens. (Two is Company, three's a crowd, four is a party!)
R.O.E (Rules Of Engagement) - Often set for breaches or sweeps by the team leader.
Amputate - To kill or remove limbs from the body.
Hold - Maintain position defensively.
Ripcord - Fall back to move back or away.
Diagnose - Determine an investigate level and situation.
Inoculate - To protect or safeguard from a threat.
Sterilize - Clean a designated area of Anti-Citizen/Civil Activity.
Contact - Hostiles spotted, prepare confirm to engage.
Contact Confirm - Contact is confirmed malignant and hostile, engage!
Sociocide/Sociocidal - Attempted disruption of the social order.
Divisive - Having a quality that divides or separates from the Civil Populace(Causing malcompliance or other forms of rebellion).
Restrict - To prevent access from a designated area or location.
Bio-signal - A suit mechanism that is responsible for lifeline monitoring as well as synchronization to the Civil Authority system.
Infestation - High amounts of nectrotic/parasitic activity.
Biotic Non-naturalized - Alien species. (E.g. Vortigaunts, Headcrabs, Etc.)
Infected - Hostile Protection unit under Parasitic control.
Exogen - Antlion.
Necrotic - Zombie.
Parasitic - Headcrab.
Virome - Poison/Fast Headcrab.
Outland - Foreign.
Bouncer - Grenade.
Restrictor - Thumper.
Viscerator - Manhack.
Boomer - Dropship.
Air-Watch - Airborne forces(EX, Gunship, Dropship, Hunter Chopper, NOT MANHACKS they are Viscerators)
Clamp - Restrict all passing
Restrictor - Namely, a Thumper. Thus "Restrictor" on Antlions.
Blackout - Wiped Squad

Socio-Stability is the state of the city, given in three codes. Code Green means that there is currently no threat to the city, Code Yellow means that there is a slight threat presented, and Code Red means that the city is near chaos.

Loyalty System

•Cleaning up trash or cleaning graffiti or cleaning up streets - 2 point.
•Fixing or repairing Universal Union property - 2 Points.
•Saving a Citizen's life - 2 Points.
•Saving a Combine Civil Authority Unit's life - 5 Points.
•Saving the City Administrator's life - 7 Points.
•Provide medical assistance to a Combine Civil Authority unit - 3 Points.
•Reporting a crime and proving it true/Helping locate a level 1-3 offender - 1 Point.
•Reporting a crime and proving it true/Helping locate a level 4-5 offender - 2 Points.
•Reporting a crime and proving it true/Helping locate a level 6-7 offender - 3 Points.
•Finding and reporting contraband(Level 1-3/Green) - 2 Point.
•Finding and reporting contraband(Level 4-5/Yellow) - 5 Points.
•Finding and reporting contraband(Level 6-7/Red) - 8 Points.

Amounts of points grant citizens access to certain things.

•5 Points - Loyalist status. (Cloth)
•10 Points - One additional ration package, and able to apply to the Civil Worker's Union. (Steel)
•15 Points - Two Rations at Universal Union Ration Distribution Centers. (Bronze)
•20 Points - A monetary award of 500 Tokens and a Level 2 Armband. (Silver)
•30 Points - Ability to exchange tokens for rations. 100 tokens will be taken for one ration package.(Gold)
•40 Points - One additional ration package, and monetary reward of 1000 tokens, and a new City Uniform.(Titanium)
•50 Points - Able to apply to become the City Administrator's Assistant or work in the Nexus and a Level 3 Armband. Ability to apply to the Combine Civil Authority.(Platinum)
•75 Points - Citizen of the month, another ration at Universal Union Ration Distribution Centers, a monetary award of 2000 Tokens, and a Level 4 Armband. (Chrome)
•100 Points - Citizen of the year, included in the City Administrator's Broadcast, a 5000 monetary award, and a Level 5 Armband. (Carbon)

If a Loyalist is detained for a level 2 - 7 violation, their Loyalist status is revoked and their points are reset.

Verdict System

Level 1:

- Running.
- Jumping.
- Climbing.
- Yelling.
- General uncivil behavior. (EG. Crouch-walking)
- Possession of level 1 contraband.(Unauthorized Union Foods, Clean Water or leftovers thereof)
- Loitering. (Standing doing nothing)

- Punished with re-education (Contraband is punished with one point)

Level 2:

- Swearing.
- Discriminating another citizen.
- Talking to a Civil Protection officer without orders.
- Commiting a level 1 violations right after or shortly after a warning.
- Possession of contraband level 2. (Radios, spray cans or leftovers thereof)
- Wasting an officer’s time(Dont stop to say hi.)
- Not speaking an official language.

- Punished with 1 point and re-education (Contraband is punished with 5 minutes detention)

Level 3:

- Trespassing on non-owned property such as a store.
- Possession of level 3 contraband. (Medical supplies or leftovers thereof)
- Failure to apply.(May elevate to 103m.)
- Failure to report a crime. (In-action)
- Not following Civil Protections orders(Non-compliance verdict).
- Theft.

- Punished with 2 points, 5 minutes on detention and re-education.

Level 4:

-Trespassing on Combine owned property.
- Stealing tokens.
- Direct unit harrasment. (verbal)
- Fighting. (with other citizens, if a priority citizen is attacked it is counted as policide)
- Possession of level 4 contraband. (Alcohol, Tactical uniforms, breaches, restriants, bio-locks or leftovers thereof)
- Tampering with unconscious or deceased bodies(DB must be disposed immediately).
- Resisting arrest and/or questioning.
- Property Vandalism.

- Punished with 4 points, re-education and 10 minutes detention.

Level 5:

- Direct unit harrasment. (i.e. spitting, throwing cans.)
- Attempted policide. (i.e. punching)
- Propaganda (light and not in favour of the combine)
- Ignoring lockdown of city blocks or entire city(JW).
- Lying on interrogation. (need actual proof or witness(es)!)
- Hostaging.
- Robbery.

- Punished with 6 points, re-education and 15 minutes detention.

Level 6:

- Trespassing inside the Nexus.
- UPA. (Unauthorised Procreative Activity; sex or similar RP)
- Level 5 contraband possession. (Medical uniforms, explosives, melee weapons or leftovers thereof)
- Rebel conspiracy. (without physical evidence)
- Combine property vandalism.
- Mental imperfection.
- Homicide. (murdering a citizen)
- Policide.
- Attempted patricide. (Assault an Officer)
- Not using authorised citizen clothing. (Not CWU)

-Trial for amputation (which should be easily passed) if passed trial. If not, punish with nine points and 20 minutes detention.

Level 7:

- Level 6 contraband possession. (Firearms, ammo, explosives, resistance uniforms or leftovers thereof)
- Patricide (Murdering an Officer, CA.)
- Trespassing in City Administator's office.

- Punished with amputation.


Level 1 contraband:
Clean Water
Unauthorized Union Clothing

Level 2 contraband:
Spray cans

Level 3 contraband:

Medical Kits
Medical Vials

Level 4 contraband:

Tactical Uniforms
Bio-Locks (If not MPF)

Level 5 contraband:

Medical Uniforms
Any grenade other than explosive grenades
Melee weapons such as knives or crowbars

Level 6 contraband:

Explosive Grenades
Resistance Uniforms

Kidnapping/Hostage situations

<:Neutral| In the event of a citizen kidnapping... ||::>

In the event of a citizen kidnapping, it is normal for a Civil Protection unit to not worry about that citizen. Our main purpose it to make them be civilized, not cradle them, but if the event to occur, a list of requirements must be met. -

At least seven to ten Civil Protection Team Units must be available at the time.
A judgement waiver must be set into effect. For this to work, one high ranking officer will go with one group of CPs to enforce the Judgement Waiver while another high ranking officer will lead another group, in search of diminishing the issue.
No recruit is not allowed access to join the group searching to diminish the problem, not matter what. Even the Sectoral Commander may not.
An Autonomous Waiver must be placed under effect for Sector 2, IF the suspect has ran off there.

<:Neutral| In the event of a Civil Protection Unit kidnapping... ||::>

In the event of a Civil Protection Unit kidnapping, it is required that he/she is found ASAP, alive! Losing our own men shows a sign of weakness. For the event to occur, a list of requirements must be met. -

At least seven to ten Civil Protection Team Units must be available at the time.
A judgement waiver must be set into effect. For this to work, one high ranking officer will go with one group of CPs to enforce the Judgement Waiver while another high ranking officer will lead another group, in search of diminishing the issue.
No recruit is not allowed access to join the group searching to diminish the problem, not matter what. Even the Sectoral Commander may not.
An Autonomous Waiver must be placed under effect for Sector 2, IF the suspect has ran off there.



Recruit (RCT)- The newly-enlisted personnel of the MPF, they are given no means of defense. You are a baby to everyone, and you know it. Step a bit out of place, and you'll be backhanded, hard.

07-06- You made it to the baseline of being a qualified officer! Still learning, you wait ever so patiently to be trained. You stick with others who are 05+ and basically their henchmen.

05- The first rank of enlisted, the 05 is issued either a 9mm Pistol of questioned origin, a Beretta, or an HK45C sidearm for defense. You may not amputate anyone, AT ALL! Also, you can patrol by yourself.

04- Well, you survived 4 ranks, therefore now you're like some bratty-ass teenager in the CPT. All of you know you to a point.

03- They get more gun son, you can do a lot more thing because you lived!

02- Submachine guns, here we come! LALA LALA LAAAA! Well, you also get grenades and can join groups into a restricted block.

01- The highest rank of Enlisted in the MPF, they are tasked with running the peacekeeping of the city streets on a typical, orderly day. They are therefore the highest rank usually seen in public unless a crisis of some sort is occurring.


UNION- The flexible units.

APEX- Crowd control. ISOLATE!

HELIX- Medical human engineer. The one thats trained to improve and augment units for a better, stronger Union.

STAR- Sniper. The one to headshot you as you're storming the streets.

JUDGE- Interrogates, detains, decides verdicts unless SeC is here.
Jury- JUDGE's henchmen.

GRID- Engineer. Higher GRIDs have permission to create new technologies with HELIX, if its for human uses. They cooperate with HELIX most of the time too.


PHANTOM- Close Quarters Combat. The one to fuck your face up with a shotgun.

ECHO- Like a RANGER in the OTA.

NOVA- Like a HELIX in the OTA, specially trained to administer healthy injection for medical aid to fellow OTA, units, and citizens.

KING- Equivalent to a DvL, are in command of a platoon of fellow OTA and units. KING! KING! KING! KI-shot-

STINGER- Equivalent to a STAR


Officer (OfC)- The highest rank most Civil Protection officers can ever hope to achieve, they are the lowest rank capable of ordering house-to-house raids or any actions that can possibly result in dangerous or life-threatening situtations

Elite Protection Unit (EPU)- The first rank of commissioned officer in the MPF, the EPU represents the pinnacle of Civil Protection prowess and ability, holding an extreme deal of loyalty to the Combine's cause. They are issued with a shotgun and are the lowest level that can lead a raid on a house or Resistance strong-point, or fire the Mortars around a City.

Squad Leader (SqL)- Distributed only when raids or battles are occurring. Just a bit lower than DvL.

Divisional Leader (DvL)- The commander of a Division within the MPF, they are extremely specialized in the area in which they control and are particularly well-suited to the task of leadership.

Overseer (OvS)- Quartermaster and distributor of supplies and such. High level trainer. Can call units and people to the SeC to become OTA

Commander of District (CMD)- Basically, the general of the MPF.

Administrator- Its good to see a human face in such a high rank. Can deploy OTA and call in Shell Strikes, and restrict blocks. Usually never brainwashed since they are in complete favour of the Combine.

Sectorial Commander (SeC)- There's a reason why you almost never see the guy. What's he doing? Scheming? Making a cure-all formula? Heaven knows what he's doing so high in that Citadel/Nexus.

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