Lethality of the MK3A2 (HL2) Grenade, by Assaultboy

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Lethality of the MK3A2 (HL2) Grenade, by Assaultboy Empty Lethality of the MK3A2 (HL2) Grenade, by Assaultboy

Post by Reiuzi {STG-O} on Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:08 am


Assuming it is detonated in a 5 meter by 5 meter by 5 meter room with walls composed of concrete. And that it has 6 oz of TNT for filler. The standard MK3A2 grenade has a 100% fatality rate. Using the standard over pressure equation and values gathered from sources provided below we can calculate the maximum PSI created by detonation at any range. If we restrict the equation to 20 psi(the required force to have nearly a 100% fatality rate) we find that the range falls far beyond 5 meters. With this information it is safe to assume a 100% fatality rate for an average adult male.

Provided equation:

w=0.1701 kg
k=20 psi

Where w is the mass of the TNT in kg, k is the pressure required in psi, and m is the distance in meters.

Using what has been provided we can come to the conclusion that
m=+-46.74 m
Well beyond the size of the room it was detonated in.

If it goes off in the same room as you. You're dead.

Now also take into account this neglects:
Reflection off walls that wound amplify the concussive force.
The fragmentation aspect.
Transmission through walls.
Varying air density.

The MK3A1 Anti-personel frag grenade is one of the most single deadly weapons available to a unit. While this analysis assumes it detonates in an enclosed area, the concussive force would dissipate quickly in an open environment. But the MK3A1 has a built in safety for this. The fragmentation aspect. I have come to the conclusion that debris spread from a detonation could fly with lethal force to as far as 40 meters.(I have not included the calculations for this as it is a very rough and approximated value.) So what should you draw from this? Use more grenades. They pack a hell of a punch.

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