Biogel: Ups and downs, by Smeller

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Biogel: Ups and downs, by Smeller Empty Biogel: Ups and downs, by Smeller

Post by Reiuzi {STG-O} on Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:10 am

I've seen so many people just going around using bio-gel like it's some sort of magical fix-it-all potion that cures you instantly. Welp, guess what? That's not how it works. Let's continue reading.

Biogel is a greenish substance used mostly by the Combine to heal wounds in biological organisms. Bio-gel can easily fix gashes, flesh tears, ect (if used correctly). Most MPF units carry a vial of biogel on all missions, but HELIX units may be equipped with full medkits which contain a biogel vial. Biogel can substantially increase the regenerative ability of the surrounding area for only a limited amount of time.

Please note that biogel can NOT immediately heal a wound. Biogel also cannot remove lodged projectiles. If biogel is used while the projectile is unremoved, the projectile will remain embedded in the flesh healed around it and will likely cause further problems. Biogel and blood should be kept seperate throughout the application procedure. If biogel mixes with blood outside of your body, it will just form a black, gooey subtance which has generally no use and is considered waste. If, however, biogel mixes with the bloodstream, the blood can become polluted and cause further issues.

Now, for biogel to be properly used, it must be applied to a wound where any projectile has penetrated the skin. Bleeding must have stopped and the projectile must be removed before the biogel is applied to avoid further consequences. Biogel continues to close the wound and further treatment is necessary to ensure complete healing (Healing takes ~3-5 days depending on the damage). The wounded area is also subject to infection and can be torn open easily if not careful. Monitor the wound until the damaged tissue is completely healed. Biogel also causes noticeable scarring, and the patient is at risk of cancer tumors if biogel is applied too frequently.

Hope this has helped some of you.
Reiuzi {STG-O}
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