Riley Flynn's CWU Application.

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Riley Flynn's CWU Application. Empty Riley Flynn's CWU Application.

Post by Nocte on Fri Feb 14, 2014 6:12 pm

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Have you been banned from other servers/VAC'd? Nope.

Have you owned any servers? Nope.

Why do you wish to become a CW?: I enjoy being able to help the IC community, I also believe it would fit my character.

Give a detailed roleplaying example with how you would type it out in the chat with /mes etc:

-Riley stands at his shop counter, filling out some UU paperwork.
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] Enters the store.
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] says: "Hey, I'd like to order a chair for my apartment."
Riley says: "Sure, any idea what you want?"
/me digs for a UU furniture catalog from his filing cabinet and slides it to the customer.
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] flips through and finds a leather recliner.
/it It is labeled as a pre-owned leather recliner and is priced at 2,500 tokens.
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] says: "That's what I'm looking for, any chance of me getting a discount?"
/me shakes his head and sighs "No, sorry. Doesn't work like that."
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] frowns and says "Why? Is it because I'm not American like you?"
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] walks around the counter and stands close to Riley, towering over him in attempt to intimidate.
/me backs up slightly and looks up at the man "Look, bro, if you want to think that, sure, go ahead. But I'd rather not get beaten by the units outside because you want to get offended for no reason."
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] considers this for a moment "Fine, I'll take my business elsewhere."
[6'1 | Male | Russian | Average Weight...] walks out of the store, knocking some things off the shelves in the process.

Explain why it is important that you behave correctly in this role: Because I have the ability to create an example for the community and can be a big part of the normal citizen roleplay. Also, CWU characters are given the priviledge of serving the UU, so they wouldn't betray that without a good reason.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants? Because I'm a veteran roleplayer and as I said above, I can be an example to the newer roleplayers.

Will you stay active and try to fill the server and invite your friends anytime you can and have time?: Mhmm.

What experience do you have with roleplay since earlier? Please give a detailed summary:
-Six years experience
-Spent about three of those years in staff positions
-Games played are:
1. Runescape (Where I started)
2. World of Warcraft
3. Minecraft
4. Garry's Mod
5. Arma II
6. Real life roleplaying (Dungeons and Dragons) / DMing for D&D

What are your past experiences with CWU characters, give a detailed summary:
I've only ever had one CWU character. That character is still alive and in City 8 IC. He would work at a stand and make food with what Amaria, a third party food supplying organization approved by the UU supplied him. In his district, he was essentially the main source of food that people enjoyed. He has since then quit the position and works as a Black Market Dealer in secret.

Are you able to preform mathematics? Mhmm.

Can I expect you to fulfill an order automatically and think logical in situations and transactions?
Yes. On my previous server, I was head Black Market Dealer for several months. I was able to keep track of 5-10 orders daily and fulfill all of them.

IC Section: Will be used in RP to become a CW.

Name: Riley Flynn
Date of Birth: 09/21/1992
CID: 34010
Previous location, before war:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Languages spoken:English, some Japanese.
Physical Description: 5'11, 172 lbs. Minimal body fat, decent muscle mass. Straight, medium length brown hair. Pale skin.
Traits: Realist. Loyal. Ambitious. Intelligent.
Relocated from: City 8 (Former Kyoto, Japan.)
Loyalty Points: Unknown. I have no criminal history.

Your letter to the manager:

To: CWU Manager
From: Citizen Riley Flynn

Message: Hello, I would like to join the Civil Workers Union. I would like to have the privilege of serving my community and the Universal Union by running my own shop and helping the community in any way I can. I have a pre-war degree in general education. I also get along with people very well. With this letter is a copy of my degree. I hope that you consider me eligible to join the C.W.U. Thank you and have a good day.

A copy of a G.E.D. is sent with the letter.

Your background story(1 paragraph at least!):

Riley was born in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. His parents were very wealthy, offering him almost any luxury he wanted. Most of his childhood was uneventful. His days consisted of video games, television, and hanging out with his friends. By the age of fourteen, he was already living a typical 'hoodlum' life. 'Stealing, smoking, and fucking' is what he lived for. He was arrested twice for vandalism. Regardless of his inappropriate actions, he maintained straight A's in school. He was offered several scholarships to different schools, one of them being M.I.T. After Highschool, Riley decided to take a year off. He went to live with his girlfriend, Marissa in Downtown. Marissa was a few years older and didn't mind Riley mooching off of her for the time being. Eventually the portal storms occurred and resulted the two being split up.

Two years later, Riley is in City 8. He often spent time with a man who called himself 'Cross'. Cross became Riley's mentor in a way, teaching him many life lessons and anything that would help him get along in life. Eventually, Riley was moved to another district, but it would lead him to something he wanted far more than his mentor: Marissa. They found each other and fell in love once again. The next two years passed by quickly. Riley was an optimist and he made the best out of each and every day. Unfortunately, all things come to an end. One day, Riley found a note stashed under his pillow from Marissa. She had gone to the Outlands because she had grown tired of being oppressed.

Riley has now entered a sort of depressive state as he was relocated to City 17. He sought meaning in life that only his lover could fill, but he knew he could not get that. He simply thought 'What would Cross say?'. Riley decided to try to fill the emptiness inside of him with a job. So he went down to the CWU office and requested an application packet.

Why have you chosen to look for a position within the CWU?: I would like to aid my community and increase the general happiness of it.

Did you have a previous job pre-war? No.

Do you have previous military experience? No.

Do you have any amputations or limbs/organs missing? No.

Have you had children before the war? No.

Do you require medication? No.

Have you been detained? Have any criminal violations? No and none.

Have you been in relations with the criminally insane? Not that I know of.

Are you subjugated in rebellious activities? No.

Have you broke laws before the War? Vandalism. I was a young child with no guidance. I have since left that immaturity behind.

What talents do you possess? High IQ, high intelligence. Good social skills.

How could you provide services with the CWU? I'd like to open a shop, or, a lounge of sorts if possible. Something to make people happier and give them a place to go rather than sit in the plaza all day. I can cook well and solicit if needed.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?To be quite honest, I don't know the other applicants. If they actually need this position to survive, then I'd happily give it to them. But I believe I can be of more help to you than them. I would never oppose the Universal Union's laws and I would happily serve them.


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Riley Flynn's CWU Application. Empty Re: Riley Flynn's CWU Application.

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