The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

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Should we switch back to Outlands?

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The Reason Why City RP is a mistake! Empty The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

Post by RoboticPotato on Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:12 pm

I noticed that recently, today, we had a change in game mode. Moving from Half Life 2 Outlands Roleplay to the more standard Half Life 2 City Roleplay. While the latter is attractive to many, there is a reason why this type of game mode is quick to die out. I believe we have made a mistake by switching the game modes and that we should change it back to Outlands RP. I shall list a few reasons why this was the incorrect choice.

Citizen Involvement in City Roleplay
Citizens are the most basic type of player class, and are also the most common, meaning a good chunk of our player base will be a Citizen. The Citizens task in Half Life 2 was very simple. Eat, sleep, and obey. They would be given occasional tasks and chores resulting in loyalty points which were simply instated as a scam to make the citizen feel like they were valuable, something every basic human wants to feel like. This job seems easy enough, but there is a reason why in the game, Half Life 2, being a Citizen lasted only about 10-30 minutes. This reason is because it is extremely dull and boring. If the entire game was nothing but being handed food, living in dirty quarters and being pushed around, then the game would not be fun and the game would not have sold. This is the exact problem with playing Citizen. Nobody is absorbed in the idea of being a walking punching bag for the MPF. The MPF is only a small part of the player base, usually making up about 25%. The Citizens are about 50% of the player base, while the other 25% are Rebels, CWU, OTA, etc. The idea of City Roleplay is extremely catered to the enjoyment of the other 50% of the player base. MPF players will always find enjoyment of pushing citizens around, making arrests, patrolling, and raiding citizen quarters. Rebels will find fun in evading MPF and surviving, and OTA will always be excited with the idea of being a Soldier, moving in and trying to destroy heavy resistance found in the slums area. But the Citizen Players are left out, and become extremely bored after the first day. They can’t jump the checkpoint and become a Resistance, because all Resistance recruiting is done out of character on the website. They cannot try to join the MPF because all MPF recruiting is still done out of character on the website. They have no objective other than to let the MPF players have fun.
TL;DR: Citizens have no objective in City Roleplay other than get beat up by MPF players, this causes new players to be uninterested and leave, leaving only the MPF and others to roleplay.

Citizen Involvement in Outlands Roleplay
Citizens in Outlands Roleplay are spawned in a large camp, with at first no leader, no weapons, and very limited supplies. This allows two possibilities to occur, a leader is quickly elected/uses force to be leader, or the camp goes into chaos. In the end though, a leader will be found. The leader could lead alone or select lieutenants to assist him. From there on out it’s up to them to find supplies, weapons, ammo, and survive for the first few in game months or years. Some Citizens may leave to become lone wolves, or band together to make a clan of their own. This already results in many more choices of roleplay than the citizen has in City roleplay. The MPF and OTA forces on the other hand, are being huddled into a large camp of their own, bent on survival. They have supplies, guns, and other basics, but are not interested in pushing out to conquer land, instead just survive. This creates a boundary for the citizens, nobody at the time has the man power to assault the camp, and they may not even want it. But soon they may realize that the MPF/OTA have supplies they need, and will begin to wage multiple kinds of warfare against them, depending on the choice of the Citizen Leaders. This means that everyone who spawns into the game has a chance to do their own thing instead of be bullied by the smaller MPF 100% of the time.
TL;DR: This gamemode has more opportunity’s and paths of roleplay.

Leadership in City Roleplay:
The City has a leader, the Administrator or CDM depending on the server’s lore. It is widely implied that the leader must rule with an iron fist and must always want to eradicate any signs of resistance. The only figurehead with the ability to put his own character into his leadership would be a Resistance leader.
TL;DR: Combine Leaders have one available roleplay type, and that type is aggressive.

Leadership in Outlands Roleplay:
Citizen Leadership is completely up to the player, they could be sympathetic, helping all who pass through, they could be aggressive and turn away newer people and attack other clans or the MPF, or they could be neutral, not wanting to do anything but survive.
MPF leadership is also up to the player. The Leader must be aggressive in a way but they could just be the one to shoot at trespassers, or they may want to destroy the remaining Resistance in the area.

TL;DR: Combine and Citizen Leaders have multiple Leadership paths to choose from:

Survival in City Roleplay:
No skills are needed to survive for MPF or Citizens. They simply need to eat and sleep, which both are provided. Resistance members will have to find food and other supplies, but this is easy to come by in the city, meaning very minimal searching.

Survival in Outlands Roleplay:
Skills on both sides are required. The weather may be brutal and food hard to come by. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, and Gathering skills will be needed by both sides. They may have a run in with a hostile clan, and clans may have wars with each other.

As you can see, Outlands Roleplay is more attractive to the average player, and our playerbase will continue to grow and grow.


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The Reason Why City RP is a mistake! Empty Re: The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

Post by ZheAwesomePrussia on Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:13 pm

This is my post, I forgot to login when I posted it.

I am welcoming to counter arguments.


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The Reason Why City RP is a mistake! Empty Re: The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

Post by Yabba on Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:46 pm

It's well written and has 2g00d4me arguments. c: Seems reasonable

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The Reason Why City RP is a mistake! Empty Re: The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

Post by The One and Only Vault Bo on Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:38 am

I think he' right a bit, but City RP WAS the first and was the original thing for the Hl2RP Schema, City RP lets you take the role as a Citizen living out the life in the city trying to not be beaten or taken away. As a citizen in the city you are free to do many extraordinarily different things like, Start a Riot, begin a protest, make a small group of people with frying pans going around beating the crap out of units ect. On coast all you do is just try not to be shot, killed or eaten by antloins and staying in a crowded down with a bunch of trigger happy rebels. I'm fine with either one, City or Out lands is my preference. Out lands is different, instead of on the coast your in a deep forest somewhere hiding and sneaking away while the combine are coming to hunt you down. You have to use your wits to survive. Like a Scanner is coming, you scram up that tree, he flies below you and away. Anyways good post, 'Twas hard to make a counter argument. PRETTY DAMN TIGHT.
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The Reason Why City RP is a mistake! Empty Re: The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

Post by Mouse on Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:37 am

I just....really....really miss the ocean, and my boat.

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The Reason Why City RP is a mistake! Empty Re: The Reason Why City RP is a mistake!

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