Utamia's Civil Protection application.

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Utamia's Civil Protection application. Empty Utamia's Civil Protection application.

Post by Utamia on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:50 am

The last posts seem to be from february 2014. Hopefully im not too late to the golden days.

The drinkers were on top of the mile long farm house when the texaners came.
the texaners shot at the drinkers and thats when they started the big war. the drinkers fought the texaners
and the texaners fought the drinkers. the texaners wore boots which they danced in on the farm house while fighting the drinkers with their shotguns and pistols.
the drinkers smashed the texaners with their glass and stomped on them and kicked them off the mile long farm house. the drinkers and the texaners war was ended leaving both at a tie. they were out of toiler paper! thats when the farm house was on fire and the cows were mooing and the pigs were honking. The texaners and the drinkers worked together to save the cows and pigs and stop the blaze of the farm house. the crops died from sunburn and they were out of gasoline. the drinkers and texans started to kill themselves off until there was only one in the baren mile long farm house roof. The ENd.


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