Journal Entry 1: A New Beginning

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Journal Entry 1: A New Beginning Empty Journal Entry 1: A New Beginning

Post by Gamepro on Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:07 pm

Day 1:
Though I have written a lot in this journal, that I wish to keep secret only to myself, I have finally arrived in City 17..This industrial area is ever so in-intoxicating...none the less however. The city itself is nice, and the place is very civilized. I was sent to an Apartment in the big apartment...Glass Dome....Middle Class Apartments...nothing out of ordinary compared to New York or Russia...I was going to explore more...but the one thing that interested me the most is the Slums. Their is a lot of unfinished buildings, and what seems to be a train yard...I may be able to explore more when I get my strength back, but until then, I shall be resting in my apartment.

Day 2:
I keep on wondering what is behind the gate...I also meet some very shady characters, along with this perfectly fine cafe, but it's sealed off, Ironically. The Metro Police Force here however, is very "stretched" if you will....I see maybe 1 or 2 guns daily, and I always have to turn it in...Jesus Christ...If I got into the MPF, I wouldn't mind doing a few patrols around the plaza and what not...I have to howev-..*The Rest of the Page is covered in ink and blood*

Day 3:
Son of a bitch! Those greedy MPF's ransacked my apartment, took everything of value, and said that it was a raid...Son of a bitches...If I had a gun, I'd have there asses in a sling at the minute...I will write more when I have the time, and I regain my strength.

Day 4: I have hopped the fence into the Slums, and found that it must have been an unfinished sky-rise apartment, or a train yard, that was unfinished from my prospective. I ventured into the buildings, finding nothing of interest, but found a sewer system...I may visit these when the time is right again...For now however, I have a quench for water, so I will write again when something interesting happens..

Day 5: I have found an interesting pathway of tunnels, and sewers...It's almost gigantic...They stretch all over the district, and the city...I find it interesting however that this one pathway was blocked off by a combine created barricade...If supplied with the right tools...I could maybe get pass those gates or barricades or whatever their called...I walked back out also to find that the MPF was searching the area...Perhaps I drew TOO much attention to me. For now, I hid my journal in a wall, and ran back to my apartment as soon as possible.

Day 6: I got my journal back, and ventured more into the sewers, along with searching the buildings again. Somehow the unfinished buildings are still be constructed on...I saw metal, refuse piles, and tools scattered about in the building, along with another level...Something is going on here, and I intend to find out...however...I also found this playground and basketball court...If I find anybody willing to come with me, maybe I can play some old fashion basketball with them...

Day 7: It is the end of the week, and the MPF are very quiet lately...I don't know why, but....-.*The rest of it is ineligible and or it's scribbled.*

Day 7 and a Half: The MPF had a huge fire-fight today....It was bloody, and a few rebels got out of hand...I don't know what to do...but...I also seen this man wearing a blue suit...but he didn't recognize me...which I'm glad...Thank god I have this journal in-case anyone else has experiences like thi-....*Their is a lot of blood and stains on the rest of the page...Just like on Page 2...Coincidence?*


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Journal Entry 1: A New Beginning Empty Re: Journal Entry 1: A New Beginning

Post by TheBloodMaster on Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:00 pm

n-case anyone else has experiences like thi-....*Their is a lot of blood and stains on the rest of the page...Just like on Page 2...


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